Mojo plays a mix of Americana, Roots, Orignanal, Blues and R&B . The band includes guitar, piano/organ, harmonica, fretted /fretless bass and drums. 

On stage and in the studio over the last 25 years, these musicians have performed and/or been in the studio with the likes of Johnny Winter, John Lee Hooker, Jon Paris, Steve Freund, Bo Diddley, Sam Lay, Tad Robinson, Eddie Clearwater, Billy Boy Arnold, Mojo Buford, The Blues Magoos, Chris Duarte, Black Pearl,The Wallflowers, the Chicago Rhythm and Blues Kings and others.

Of note, Keyboardist Rick Krizman is a three time Emmy winning composer, second Keyboardist (we have just one at a gig) Michael Lewis was a Muscles Shoals studio player, toured with groups like Quicksilver Messenger Service and Spirit, has recorded on many albums and owns the label snailworx, bassist Gary Krolak was Gibson endorsed and Eric Brown was selected as a Hohner endorsee.

The Band
David Shaw - Guitar / Vocals

Gary Krolak - Fretted and Fretless Bass / Vocals
Tom Bolton - Drums / Vocals

Rick Krizman - Piano / Organ / Vocals
Eric Brown- Harmonica / Sax / Vocals


Michael Lewis - Keyboards - piano / organ / synth

Marc Boggeri - Guitar / Vocals
Oak O'Connor - drums
Big Rockin Daddy - harmonica
Manny Lopez - bass
Cap Capallero - harmonica
Graham Dorsey - sax
Dave Fertig - harmonica
Jon Gindick - harmonica (mp3s)
Steve Jones - Bass

Header photos by Connie Martin

Midnight Mojo is a Los Angeles based blues band

David Shaw

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